Friday, December 5, 2008

Praise for BTW's S.O.A.R. Student Volunteers

I wanted to share the e-mail below for two reasons.

First, it shows how much our Spanish community-based learning students' work is appreciated in the community. Students, read on to see your work complemented! :)

Second, the fact that we have a Center for Education in Small Urban Communities shows that the University of Illinois takes its collaborations with local schools seriously.

So here is the e-mail:

Hi Dr. Abbott,

I was recently hired as Volunteer Program Coordinator at the Center for Education in Small Urban Communities in the College of Education. One of my responsibilities is to manage the S.O.A.R. after-school program at Booker T. Washington. I’m so impressed with the S.O.A.R. tutoring program and the impact our university students are having on the children. I know that some students from your Spanish class are volunteering time at BTW and doing wonderful work as tutors. It is so appreciated!!! Sarah Okner is contacting the current tutors to see if they would be interested in tutoring again during the spring semester. I’m hoping they will continue with the experience! If you have students in a class during the second semester who would be interested in tutoring, we welcome them into the program! We will start the tutor training sessions during the last week of January, the week after the students return to campus.

I’m attaching a promotional flier about the S.O.A.R after-school program. If you have any additional questions please email or give me a call. I’m looking forward to working with students from your Spanish class during the second semester.

Thank you,
Lila Moore

Lila Moore
Volunteer Program Coordinator
Center for Education in Small Urban Communities
32 Education Building, MC-708
University of Illinois
Champaign, IL 61820
phone: (217) 333-4687
fax: (217) 244-7065

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