Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Claire: My Spanish in the Spring

By Claire Pescheret

In the continuation of completing my Spanish minor, I will be taking Spanish 318: Spanish Cultural Studies I in the spring. The class description is as follows: A critical analysis of historical events, institutions, artistic production, symbols and values representative of Spanish (Iberian) cultures. Particular emphasis on the relationship between specific cultural practices and/or values and the construction of national identities prior to 1700. This is a class that will be unlike any other Spanish class that I have taken on this campus. I am very excited to be enrolled.

I feel that my work this semester in the community has really given me a great insight into the culture of a group of people I live and work with everyday. I have been exposed to the hardships they face, but also the emphasis that they constantly place on family and loved ones. Therefore, I feel proud to enter the class with a better appreciation for Spanish culture.

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