Monday, December 8, 2008

End-of-the-semester Reflections for All Spanish Community-based Learning Students

It is a joy to work with our department's TAs. Yet Marcos Campillo stands out even among all our great TAs: he's intelligent, talented, connects with his students, has high standards, is creative and takes teaching seriously. Plus (most important to me), he is truly engaged with Spanish community-based learning.

When one of our honor student bloggers asked for suggestions for topics to post on from now until the end of the semester, Marcos offered her some really great topics. I think that all students, not just our bloggers, could benefit from reflecting on these topics:

  • What will you miss most about your CBL experience?

  • An instance-example of your experience you will always remember.

  • What Spanish classes are you planning to take in Spring, and how do you plan to connect the class to your experience?

  • Have you learned anything about the way Latino people celebrate Xmas?

  • Is there a Xmas play, performance, etc...with the kids you are working for? Why are those performances important within the context of bilingual schools?

  • Looking back: The top 10 things to consider before taking Span 232.

  • Looking back: The top 10 things to consider when selecting a community partner.

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  1. Wow, had not seen this.
    You are spoiling me like a little boy! ajaja

    It is a great joy for me working for CBL as well, as you have seen. I am hoping I can work on this as well at my new destination! CBL students are incredibly talented and motivated in general.