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Student Spotlight: Bridget Dougherty

by Ann Abbott

I know that many of my students dream about working in another country and travelling the world.  Bridget Dougherty is a role model for all of them.

Bridget was my student in "Spanish in the Community" in 2005, and she did her community service learning work at the Refugee Center (ECIRMAC).  I also remember doing a classroom visit to a TA-taught "Business Spanish" course and seeing Bridget very engaged in that class, too.

Bridget recently e-mailed me to ask for some information for her applications to an MBA program, and I was delighted to see that she was working for a not-for-profit in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Here is the information she shared with me:

"The non-profit is Prosperity Initiative. Check out the website for more information. It is s small organisation that has been around for about 3 years.

"I came here in October 2009 working as a consultant for Accenture through Accenture's Development Partnerships which sends consultants to …