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Student Spotlight: Maura Benson

by Ann Abbott

Finding that first position out of college can be a real challenge for students. I would say it's especially challenging for students who are inclined toward going to graduate school yet aren't quite ready to commit to a program of study right away. That is definitely the category I would put Maura in: grad school material (100%), but she hadn't been thinking about grad school until much later in her studies. Plus, she's talented in many areas, so choosing a graduate program is even more complicated: MD/PhD? Nursing? Community Health? Medical Anthropology? She would excel at them all!

Maura gave me permission to share this quote from her email to me and her position description (image above) so that other students can see a possible path for themselves. 

There are many opportunities out there! Even if everyone around you is going straight from a campus job fair to a job with a big company in downtown Chicago, that doesn't mean that is the only path. 

In …