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Student Spotlight: Jill (Rollinger) Baranowski

by Ann Abbott

I love hearing from former students. And it's extra special when several years have gone by and so you can see how much their lives have grown in many different directions.
So I was delighted to receive the email below from Jill (Rollinger) Baranowski recently. First of all, I'm so happy to see that she seems happy--and knows what makes her happy. That is the most important thing of all. Always.
Students: I'd love it if you would do the following: Read the first post I wrote about Jill. Are you willing to do the networking that I talked about on that post?Read Jill's letter below.Compare where she was in 2010 and where she is now, in 2016, in terms of her career.Note how your beginning doesn't have to be your ending.Really think about your passions, and ask yourself if you are on a path to wed your passion and your career. If your major or your career doesn't feel like a good fit to you right now, no problem! Just like Jill, your career will have m…

Teaching Spanish Community Service Learning Students about Advocacy: Press Release as Example

by Ann Abbott
Do you know about the yesterday's announcement about the Supreme Court's split decision on DAPA and Extended DACA? It is very, very disappointing.
I'm sharing CU Immigration Forum's press release below for a few reasons:

Inform I find that many of my students, especially L2 learners of Spanish, do not have much good information about immigration, immigration policies and comprehensive immigration reform efforts. I will ask them to read this press release.
Model More and more, I am trying to show my CSL students what they can do beyond volunteering. I like to give them concrete examples of what advocacy looks like. This is one.
Analyze I 'd like students to separate out all the individual pieces of advocacy within this press release. (Including the press release itself.) Then put them on a scale of least investment to most investment.

Create I want to put them in small groups and ask them to take this one long press release and think of as many smaller bits …