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Creative Entrepreneur: Brittany Koteles

by Ann Abbott

Just a few years ago, Brittany Koteles was a University of Illinois student in my course titled "Spanish & Entrepreneurship: Languages, Cultures & Communities."

Now she embodies that title.

Among her many accomplishments, Brittany pushed a referendum for her school in her hometown when she was in high school; in college she designed her own major; she worked for Ashoka; she did a Fulbright in Barcelona; she authored case studies of several Catalonian social entrepreneurs; she worked on a social enterprise start-up (Hub, Barcelona); and more.

Now she and a partner have crowd-sourced the financing for a short film and shot it! Click on the image below to see a trailer for the film.

Bow is the e-mail I received from her yesterday--in three languages plus a greeting in Turkish. She is a model for all my students.

Dear friends,

Two months ago, we had a dream to make a short film. With your help, we did much
more than that. Because of the critical mass of 128 co-f…