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Spanish and Social Entrepreneurship: Week 1

by Ann Abbott

SEMANA 1: PRESENTACIÓN DEL CURSO Martes: Los elementos del curso
Meta: saber por qué quieres dedicar tanto tiempo y esfuerzo a este curso.
Aprendizaje en la comunidad: 28 horas I´ll start with the current situation in Champaign-Urbana's Latino community: anxiety over the announced ICE raids on a national level. Reading. Students skim a December article in the Washington Post about the announced raids.Video. Together we view this short video about knowing your rights. Trabajar en la comunidad. I'll put students who took SPAN 232 together with students who didn't. But before they actually get together, they need to think of what they think the others should know, and the others have to come up with two questions to ask. Emprendimiento social: nuestro tema I want them to learn about entrepreneurship this semester as a process, not just a product. In other words, if we only focus on the final outcome--a new business/product/organization/program/etc.--we are missing o…