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Student Spotlight: Matthew Arce

by Ann Abbott

Matthew Arce, or as I always called him, Mateo, was a student in my Business Spanish course. In that course, I usually have mostly students from Spanish who are interested in learning a bit about business mixed in with a handful of students from business who are interested in Spanish. Mateo was one of the handful from business.

Mateo contacted me recently to tell me that he was applying for Northeastern Illinois University's Master of Science in Accounting. He was also applying for a tuition waiver scholarship for Latino, low income, or other underrepresented students that would cover the entire cost of the program. What a great opportunity!

As usual, I asked Mateo to answer a few questions to help me write the strongest letter possible. Here are some highlights from his answers:

"I took both Span 202 [Business Spanish] & 208 [Oral Spanish] during the Fall 2010 semester. I learned a great deal in both courses. Most notably, I improved my speaking capabilit…