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Make Yourself Stand Out at the University of Illinois

by Ann Abbott

Why you need to find a way to stand outFace it, every student at the University of Illinois is intelligent. Lots of students make good grades. Students in the same major take the same required classes. A whole lot of students take on part-time jobs. Many students spend their summers working and taking on-line classes.

You have to find a way to stand out. A way to destacarte.

You need to do this while you're in college.

Yes, it's so that you can then truly stand out when you're looking for post-graduation jobs.

But it's also so much more than that. Avail yourself of all the once-in-a-lifetime resources at your disposal at college so you can better figure out who you are. What you care about. (Beyond grades, please.) What you're good at. What you thought you cared about but then found out didn't really light your fire. What the mentors you meet during these opportunities reflect back to you about yourself. What makes you smile. The snippets you share w…