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Spanish Community Service Learning and Law School

by Ann Abbott

I recently received a message from a former student of mine who was accepted to the University of Chicago law school. What an accomplishment! I am happy for her, and I was happy to read how she connected her own success with Spanish community service learning (CSL):

"I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your course and the Spanish & Illinois program.Not only was it something that I was able to speak about during interviews, but it also sparked my interest in immigration law and working with the Latino community.University of Chicago has a really interesting Immigrant Child Advocacy Project, and I hope to work there during my time at school."

Many students who never take a CSL course are also successful, of course. Still, I was happy to see that CSL can give students a leg up in interviews. There are so many things that they can reference in their interviews: using their Spanish with native speakers, working in a professional context, succeedi…