Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Las posadas and Spanish Community-based Learning

Do our Spanish CBL students have a larger perspective on the Latino students/clients that they interact with during their time in the community? Or do they only see them during one slice of their life?

I imagine that our students really lack a broader perspective about the members of our local Latino community. I also doubt that they understand how many not-for-profits in town work together.

Exhibit 1: Prevention Initiative, C-U Early, Padre a Padre Program, and the Latino Partnership Outreach Committee are having the Annual Posada for all the Latino families in Champaign Urbana. Click here to see the flyer.

Click here to learn more about las posadas.

Various agencies are sponsoring the event and it will take place at Booker T. Washington School. This is another example of how this neighborhood school really creates a sense of community.

In sum, I hope that our students can use this one little example to get a fuller understanding of the lives of the people they work with during their Spanish community-based learning work and of the cooperation involved in making these events happen.

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