Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carolyn: Course Approvals for Study Abroad

Carolyn Kloecker

So, in this very busy time at the end of the semester, those who are studying abroad next semester must go to various departments and recieve approval (signatures) for courses they plan to take abroad. While I am in Quito, Ecuador next semester, I plan to take Andean Anthropology, a Spanish Literature class, A Political Science class, and a Business/Marketing course, as well as possibly Capoeira or a fun dance class. That means a lot of running around campus for me!

Only recently did I realize that many of these courses are not officially approved until after a student returns from Study Abroad. Most of the departments will sign the course approval sheet (to be turned in to the Study Abroad Office) now, but also ask that I come back with a syllabus and coursework in order to make a final approval to transfer credit to U of I from the institution abroad. So I guess what I'm doing now isn't accomplishing much, because I will have to go back anyways and have advisors of various departments sign some sheets all over again. Luckily, the advisors in these departments (Anthro, Spanish, PoliSci, and Business Administration) have been very open to making impromptu meetings or having many walk-in hours to choose from.

I am really looking forward to the classes I will be taking next semester (all in Spanish), but the process to get them to transfer in as U of I credit is driving me a little crazy. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end....

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