Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carolyn: My Spanish Courses in the Spring

By Carolyn Kloecker

Next semester, at the Universidad de San Francisco in Quito, I plan on taking a number of courses, all of them being taught in Spanish. Luckily, my schedule works out to have no classes on Fridays, so I will be able to travel quite often on 3-day weekends.

My first class is Antropologia Andina, which I will be taking as the final course to complete my anthropology minor. I am very interested in anthropology, and to be able to study a culture within that cultural environment will be especially rewarding.

The next course I'm taking is Politica Ecuatoriana y Su Pensamiento, which is of great interest to me especially considering the leftist movement occurring throughout Latin America. This will likely count towards my area studies in my International Studies major, as will another course I am registered for, Problemas Sociales en el Ecuador. As I plan on working in the community a significant amount while in Ecuador, it will be valuable to know social promlems plaguing the country and Andean region. Another class that will count for my International Studies major, within my Business Communications focus, is Marketing Principios y Fundamentos. I predict this to be my most challenging course, as it may be taught using some technical vocabulary that I am not sure I would know in Spanish yet. However, I am looking to at least try this course as a challenge for myself while studying abroad.

For my Spanish major, I am taking El Cuento Hispanoamericano to count for a literature course (SPAN 314 or 316, previously 454/456). I am also excited about this class because, in terms of Spanish literature, I am mostly a fan of short stories and realismo mágico, which I hope to encounter in that course. Finally, for no credit, I am enrolled in a Capoeira class, which I hope will keep me active while learning about an amazing cultural dance/martial art from Brazil. Here's a video, but I'm not sure if I will ever be able to do anything that cool.

Anyways, wish me luck in all these courses, en Español!


  1. It sounds like you will learn a lot Carolina. Good luck and study hard!

  2. Gracias!

    Also, sorry, but I don't think the hyperlink copied over for the Capoeira video. It's: