Monday, December 1, 2008

I received's newsletter this morning. As usual, they have very interesting information related to language, culture and globalization--all issues of importance to Spanish community-based learning.

I was particularly interested in the notes and posts related to President-elect Obama.
It's good for our students to see global reaction to Obama's election; that could lead to a discussion about how the Latinos that they work with in the community may be viewing his election, particularly their hopes for immigration reform. (Though his vote for the wall between the US and Mexico still rankles me.)

I'm interested in social media and its uses for Spanish community-based learning, and "The New Clickocracy" offers interesting insights.

Finally, it's great for students to see the power of living abroad, learning languages, and being immersed in many different cultures. Obama is certainly living proof of what we language educators believe in.

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