Monday, December 8, 2008

Carolyn: 5 things to consider when choosing a community partner

By Carolyn Kloecker

1. Do you prefer more active service or work on your own time?
Active (interpersonal) - Schools & after-school programs, Boy/Girl Scouts, ECIRMAC, Clases de Catequis
Work on own schedule - CCRS (translation), A Woman's Place (translation), La Prensa (meetings with businesses, writing)

2. Do you want to work with kids?
Yes - Schools, Boy/Girl Scouts, ECIRMAC saturday program, Clases de Catequis
No - ECIRMAC, CCRS, A Woman's Place, La Prensa

3. Do you want an easier or more challenging job? (these are my opinions, feel free to correct me)
Easier - Boy/Girl Scouts
Medium - Schools
Challenging - ECIRMAC, La Prensa

4. Do you like doing activities or more academic work?
Activities (with kids) - Boy/Girl Scouts (crafts, games, learning about themselves/the community/the world), ECIRMAC saturdays (games, some tutoring, reading for fun), Clases de Catequis
Academic (with or without kids) - CCRS (translation, phone calls), A Woman's Place (translation), Schools (math, reading, science, spanish/english, etc.)

5. How do you intend to use your Spanish skills in the future?
Teacher - Choose Schools, after school programs, clases de catequis
Other work with children - Choose Boy/Girl Scouts
NGO - Choose ECIRMAC, A Woman's Place
Business - Choose CCRS, ECIRMAC
Conversational, writing, & cultural knowledge - All of them!

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  1. Excellent feedback for future Span 232 students!!!
    Thanks Carolyn