Monday, December 8, 2008

Enrollments: Spanish CBL Courses for Spring 2009

Spanish majors have been able to enroll for spring 2009 Spanish courses for several weeks now. I observed this about enrollments in SPAN 232 & 332:

SPAN 232 "Spanish in the Community" had low enrollments across the four sections.
SPAN 332 "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" was already at about 25 students.

Today was the first day that minors and other students could go on-line and register for Spanish courses. I just checked, and enrollments look like this:

SPAN 232 only has 19 out of 80 seats left.
SPAN 332 has only gained a couple of students.

Because our enrollment system doesn't keep out the students who haven't met the prerequisites, I think several SPAN 332 students will end up dropping the course. (SPAN 232 is its prerequisite.) I will be surprised if SPAN 232 is not full by the end of this week.

This information shows that student demand is high for Spanish community-based learning courses. Our administrative headaches begin, however, once the semester starts and students begin dropping and adding late.

It also shows that SPAN 232, which is not a requirement for the major or minor, is fulfilling some sort of student demand. What precisely they are looking for in the class isn't always clear.

Update: less than 24 hours later...

SPAN 232 only has 8 out of 80 seats left.
SPAN 332 now has 31 students enrolled.

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