Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Claire: Looking Back: The Top 10 Things to Consider Before/While Taking Span 232:

By Claire Pescheret

1.The class and your volunteer work is a fairly large time commitment. Make sure you can fit it into your schedule.

2. Attend class. This WILL help you on exams.

3. Participate in discussions in class. Exam questions tend to stem from these.

4. Attend a few Mi Pueblo sessions just for extra practice.

5. Select a community partner that TRULY interests you.

6. Apply your volunteer work to your future. Make it be something you can put on your resume!

7. Allow your leadership skills to shine at your community work. It will really help the teachers and show great initiative.

8. Be observant while volunteering. You will learn a lot about the culture of the Champaign community.

9. Experiment with different forms of transportation (public, walking, biking) to get to your community partners.

10. REALLY take advantage of your knowledge of Spanish in the classroom and while volunteering. Working with other people who speak Spanish is the best way to improve your own Spanish.


  1. Great recommendations, Claire!

  2. All SPAN 232 students should read this!