Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vocabulary for Parent-Teacher Conferences

I'm very happy that so many students responded to our community partner's need for help. Our students' language skills will help Central High School's Latino parents better communicate with the teachers during the parent-teacher conferences next week. Central's secretary will contact the students directly to schedule times with them.

Here is some vocabulary help for students.
Materias. School subjects are "materias" NOT "sujetos." You should remember subjects from your intro Spanish courses, but here are some reminders: historia, matemáticas, inglés, física, química, biología, educación física, etc.

General vocabulary. Notas = grades; aprobar = to pass; suspender = to fail; conducta, comportamiento = behavior.

Topics. Ms. Citraro offers the following advice:
"The topics and vocabulary that would come up are about the subjects at school. For example:

  • no ha entregado las tareas
  • tiene que tomar el examen otra vez
  • habla mucho en clase
  • falta mucho a mi clase
  • tiene que pedirme ayuda si la necesita
  • existe ayuda despues del colegio en la biblioteca
  • tiene que tener sus apuntes organizados
  • es muy buena estudiante."

Hopefully this information will help you feel better prepared for your role in the parent-teacher conferences.



  1. Kudos for involving students; they will be good role models for educators hesitant to initiate contact with Spanish-speaking parents. More help for students and teachers at
    Buena suerte!

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    1. wrong! "suspender" means to cancel or to shut down, the right verb to fail is "fallar". ;)

    2. No, you use "suspender" when talking about failing a class or an exam. You use "fallar" when you're talking about failing somebody in the sense that you let them down, or something failed you by not meeting your expectations.

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  5. Great help and phrases we will use in the future to improve our spanish, great blog