Thursday, February 14, 2008

LIz: Learn Rules for Spanish CBL, but Don't Forget to Have Fun!

We have been talking quite a bit about classroom appropriate vocabulary in Spanish 232. We are learning math terms and commands so we know how to tell students to do their homework. I would like to remind everyone that being a volunteer also allows you to have some creativity! I volunteered in una guardería (daycare center) when I lived in Quito and it was so much fun! We had to be very creative with the kids to keep them entertained. My friend Sarah and I taught them songs in English and in Spanish. We played ‘pato pato ganso’ and made art projects or had tea parties. And of course on nice days we pushed little kids on the swings out on the playground. We had such a blast because most of the time we were acting like little kids ourselves. Sometimes you just need to let go and behave like a kid again because it takes you away from the stresses of school and life. So really, I just wanted to remind everyone to relax and have fun with their community service projects!

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