Monday, February 4, 2008

SPAN 232: Extended Deadline for Diario #3


SPAN 232 students: Please post a comment here describing the technical problem(s) you had with your diario digital. If you found a solution, please describe it as well. I will collect your comments and make a student guide. This isn't a place to complain! This is a place to come up with solutions. :)

Ann Abbott


  1. I don't understand anything you say, only i undestand "diarios digitales" and "adios"... Maybe because I'm a spanish with a very poor english?

    Un blogsaludo.

  2. When I uploaded my video it took more than four hours to upload, and once it finally did finish, the entire thing plays in fast forward. I don't know why but I can't get it to play normally.

  3. I uploaded my video and as it was processing, it failed to go all the way through. It said the files did not match. I tried it a second time and it finally went through. However, I was never able to privately share it with Munia or Professor Abbott. I just ended up posting it as a public video.

  4. I too had problems with the time it took to upload. Youtube said it would be "a few minutes" but it was almost an hour. I was afraid I'd miss the deadline for posting but luckily I made it. For future diarios I plan on uploading them at least the day before to allow plenty of time for youtube's uploading process.

    It would be nice if either Professor Abbot or the TA let students know when they receive our videos (and that it works) just so we are not stressing about whether or not it uploaded. This would also allow us the opportunity to keep trying to post it if it didn't work the first time, instead of just assuming it worked, but actually being wrong.

  5. I agree that it would help students if TAs would notify us after having viewed our videos. I am sure that you, Ann, have seen mine. I am not sure if Marcos has, however.

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  7. Hola Bianca

    I have replied to all students posting their diarios right after getting the invitation, because I wanted to make sure I could help right away if there were technical difficulties.

    Please check your email. Also, I commented on your video yesterday.

  8. These are great comments! Thank you, and please keep posting comments with your experiences.

  9. Hi Ann, it's Liz Girten! I recorded my diario and then put in on my flash drive. When I tried to put it on youtube, it would always come up as being 0:00 minutes long and would not play the movie. But it finally worked when I uploaded it from my computer instead of directly from my flash drive.

  10. Hello all!
    I also had very similar problems like the rest of you... YouTube for some reason didn't want to upload my video(s) at all even though I have tried so many different file formats, lengths of the video recordings, different devices (web cam and digital camera) and when it finally did accept one of them after couple hours, file ended up being empty!
    This morning I tried again from the FLB computer lab and nothing... So, I didn't have other choice but to give it to Marcos directly. Let's hope it will be better next time!

  11. Hi!
    So I had the hardest time uploading my video, and I'm pretty sure its because my file was to large. I had recorded it on my Macbook, and had heard some people had similar problems. If you have your own webcam, maybe try using the quick capture instead of upload video on youtube. Youtube will record your video directly onto the site. This seems to be the easiest way for me.