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Spanish & Illinois: Past News Items

It's time to remodel the Spanish & Illinois website. In an effort to make it leaner and cleaner, I am going to remove some of the pages in the next few days. But there is some good information that I don't want to completely go away, so I'm moving it to the blog so it can be archived.

Past news items:

June 11, 2007

Spanish & Illinois in national news item

"College student Anthony Sawyer isn't embarrassed to admit he learned a few things [in a preschool]," begins the story written by Melissa Kossler Dutton for the Associated Press.

The article explains how that university student--and others like the UIUC student in this picture--are learning Spanish in the community more and more. The story includes quotes from Prof. Ann Abbott about Spanish & Illinois' community-based learning courses and from Mrs. Guadalupe Abreu about the students' role at the Refugee Center in Urbana. Translated to Spanish, the article was quickly picked up in several Spanish-language newspapers. Read the article in English or in Spanish.

Darcy Lear, co-founder of Spanish & Illinois and now at UNC Chapel Hill , states in the article that community-based learning forces students to re-examine their stereotypes and confront problems that don't have simple solutions...or any at all.


September 21, 2006
"¿Hablas Español? Learning Spanish Through Immersion"
Article in the Daily Illini / Buzz campus news paper featuring Prof. Abbott about the Spanish & Illinois program, community-based learning, the Intensive Spoken Spanish class (Span 232) and our community partners.

Written by Sandra Mazuera.


March 3, 2005 Inside Illinois, Vol. 24, No. 16

Spanish students get real-world experience, do service work
By Sharita Forrest, Assistant Editor

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