Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chris: How to Get from Campus to the Refugee Center

It is not difficult to find transportation to the Refugee Center. I have a car on campus, and therefore I drive to the center whenever I am scheduled to volunteer. It only takes about five minutes for me to drive from my apartment to the Unitarian church where ECIRMAC is located. The church also has a large parking lot, so I never have to worry about parking on the street or putting money into a meter. If a student does not have a car, he or she could also take the bus. ECIRMAC is located on Green Street in Urbana, and thus there are always buses traveling past the Refugee Center. It is even possible to walk or bike to ECIRMAC from the quad. ECIRMAC is about four blocks east of Lincoln Avenue and some students say that they can walk there in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

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