Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Job Opportunity in Education

A friend of mine from the Urbana school district just wrote to me with this request:

"I was wondering if you would happen to know someone who would be interested in a job at the Urbana school district. Special Ed is looking for a person willing to work 2-3 hours a week, during the school day, tutoring someone in Spanish, high school level Spanish III. They have to have at least 60 hours of college credit. They prefer someone who is a certified teacher, but need someone soon. The person who had been tutoring has unexpectedly left. Maybe you know of someone who might become a teacher and would like some practice?

"They pay $25.00 an hour. The person would have to go to Circle Academy to do the tutoring. This is an alternative placement school for students who were having trouble in the regular school setting. I think that the particular hours of the day are somewhat negotiable, but I am not sure about that.

If you know of someone, can you please ask them to contact Ria Merriman,"

This would be a wonderful opportunity for one of our recent grads, a BAT student, or one of our CBL students.


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