Saturday, October 11, 2008

Volunteering with Span 232

By Claire Pescheret. Spanish 232

I have yet to begin my volunteering at any school. Yet, I am hoping to extend myself in many different areas for the remainder of the semester. I am scheduled to help at Booker T. Washington Elementary, as well as Central High School (I have included images of the school, because this is where I expect to volunteer this most.). Additionally, I plan to attend the conversation tables at La Casa. Through these efforts, I will attempt to gain as close to 28 hours as possible.

Through my volunteering, I am very eager to help others. For me, volunteering is a personal delight. I get so much self-gratification out of merely helping others. Therefore, I cannot wait to begin my work. Additionally, I am interested in the exposure I will gain to differing cultures of the new people I will be surrounded by. I hail from a predominately white, Catholic community, which has left me somewhat sheltered. Yet, my parents have a love of travel, and hence, I have been blessed to venture to many different areas of the world. These experiences have opened my eyes and fostered my zeal for new culture. The culture of the students I will be helping at the schools will be most interesting to me at this point in time, because I feel as if I understand a part of it already, the language. Conversation at La Casa should strengthen these skills, as to many me more confident with my Spanish.

I am sorry for the brevity of this post. There will be more to speak of later…

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  1. Claire, I enjoyed reading your post and getting to know more about you. I'd be interested to learn more about how you compare what you have seen and learned in your travels with what you see and learn once you are working in the community.
    Good luck getting started (finally!).