Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food Drive

Although in community-based learning we differentiate between charity and social justice, that certainly doesn't mean that charity is never appropriate.

My kids' school is participating in the Eastern Illinois Foodbank's food drive, and my kids are really excited to particpate and help out, especially after they learned that 40% of the people who benefit from the food they distribute are kids.

I don't have any information on hunger in the local Latino population, but I do know from working and translating at BTW's school registration that a lot of families receive free lunches. Things are even tighter right now, so that must be affecting the diet and nutrition of a lot of people that our students work with.

Want to help?

  • Click on the "Team Up" link and get your friends or club together to act on this.

  • Get some food yourself and drop it off at one of the sites listed on the homepage.

  • If you have food but no time to drop it off at those sites, you can drop it off outside my office (4006 FLB) before October 31, and I'll drop it off at my kids' school.

  • If you want to give but have NO TIME, you can go to the homepage and click on the "donate online now" link.

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