Monday, October 20, 2008

Letter Writing Campaign to Los Angeles Second-Graders

I was delighted to find a letter in my mailbox this morning from a little girl in Los Angeles who wrote a letter in Spanish and is looking for someone to write back to her. She's a student in Mr. Villarreal's second grade classroom. He had the great idea to have his students write a letter to Spanish departments across the US. Not only does that help them with their writing, it also encourages his students to consider college for themselves.

Click here to read the letters from Darline and Mr. Villarreal.

So, let's write back!

Every SPAN 232 student should write an individual letter in class. The TAs will collect the letters, give them to me, and I will send them back to Los Angeles.

TAs: please give your students a piece of departmental letterhead to write on. I think the children would like to receive something "official" from our department.

As you write, follow these instructions, please:

1. Tell something about yourself and the U of I.
2. Tell something about SPAN 232 and what you do in the community.
3. Share some encouraging words about studying and going to college in the future.


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  2. This looks exciting! It reminds me of something I did for a 1st grade student of one of my friends, it was called Flat Stanley. They sent a little paper "Stanley" doll to someone to take pictures with him around where they live, and then that person had to send it to someone else around the world, and it eventually goes back to the class of kids by a certain time. I had lots of fun taking pictures around U of I at all of our goofy landmarks, and then I sent it to my friend in Tokyo, Japan. Kids get really excited when they get something from far away! :)

  3. Hola Ann y Carolyn

    Yo en la primaria en España participé en un programa tipo pen pal y fue fantástico. Aún hoy, ¡tras 15 años! tengo muy buenos amigos que comenzaron solo por carta :)

    ¡La idea del 'paper Stanley' es fenómena!