Friday, October 31, 2008

My Means of Transportation

By Claire Pescheret

I do not have a car down here on campus; therefore, I have had to find alternate means of transportation to and from my community work. I volunteer at Booker T. Washington Elementary which is located at 606 E Grove St., about 18 blocks northeast of my apartment (from which I usually leave). This distance is definitely walk able, but with my schedule there is no time to waste on walking thirty minutes to and from Booker T. Washington. I brought my bike to school this year, hence this has been my main means of transportation, instead. It has proven to be very fast and useful for the times I volunteer.

Having a bike down at school has been fun, but I do have another item to care for. This is not a bad thing…I love making sure things are nice!! I am just not used to bicycle care, because my main means of transportation is a car in my suburban hometown. I have had to worry about a place to store it (As of now, it sits in a hallway of my apartment…I think my roommates don’t mind). Also, I have had to keep proper air volume in the tires. This, I realized, is more of an issue that I thought. I am so used to just having a bike pump in my garage; going to a gas station was different! Let me tell you, though, air in your tires makes for a MUCH more comfortable ride! The other day I also had to do some handy work on my bike, because the chain fell off. Oh, new experiences…

Occasionally, I have had the wonderful privilege of driving my roommate’s car. This is a nice mode of transportation, but it is just so easy! I love the challenge of riding to work, plus it is great exercise!

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  1. Yeah bikes! My brakes just broke so I've been taking the bus to CBL, or carpooling. It's so nice out now I wish my bike worked!