Friday, October 31, 2008

Spanish Community-based Learning Influences Student's Career Path

Like I always say, I love hearing from former students. I am always so impressed by their success and drive.

Molly McElhern took "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" with me in the spring of 2008. Well, here are her own words:

"I was in Spanish & Entrepreneurship with you last spring and I volunteered at Booker T. Washington School with Mrs. Carey in the art classroom. I truly enjoyed your class, and am hoping you might be able to help me create a marvellous class of my own to share with students.

"I am currently teaching in a public school in the southwest Chicago suburbs with a Transitional Bilingual (Spanish) certificate. I teach the Bilingual program for pre-K through second graders and feel so fortunate to truly love my job. One condition of the Type 29 certificate requires that I get my regular teaching certificate within 6 years. I am hoping to do that through Northeastern Illinois University.

"While interviewing for Transitional Bilingual teaching positions, I constantly drew from my experience at Booker T. Washington School, thanks to your class. The Master of Science in Instruction for Bicultural/Bilingual Elementary Education at Northeastern Illinois is a program that seems custom-fitted to my interests. ... Wholeheartedly I can say that your class defined my career path for life. However grandiose or dramatic that may sound, I would just like to say thank you!!! I'm so lucky to wake up every day to pursue a job that I love."

When I asked Molly if I could post her story on my blog, she agreed and added: "There is such a need for Bilingual teachers not only in Chicago but all over the state!"

Sometimes I think that students don't realize what an opportunity Spanish community-based learning truly is. Not only is it a unique learning experience, it also has real career development possibilities.

Kelly Lusson already told us that it helped her in job interviews, now Molly tells us the same. Remember that, current students, and try to create an experience for yourself that will serve you well in the future.

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