Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Social Network Site for the Scholarship of Engagement

Val Werpetinski always does great stuff on our campus related to community-based learning and the scholarship of engagement.

Now she has done something else that goes beyond our campus. She set up a social networking site for the scholarship of engagement.

You don't have to be from Illinois to be in the group. You will get great updates from Val on all kinds of opportunities and resources related to community-based learning and community engagement. In fact, the latest thing Val posted on the blog was about the MacJannet Prize. (I'm thinking about nominating "Spanish & Illinois," even though it looks like they might be more interested in projects that have really big numbers of students participating. I think S&I is big, but it can't compare to some of the campus-wide initiatives other universities have.)

It's also a great way to be part of a community. If you're at the University of Illinois. you can see potential collaborators and allies. If you're at an institution that doesn't have much support for community-based learning, you might feel a bit isolated and frustrated; here you can find a community and share on-line.

Click here to join!

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