Monday, October 6, 2008

My transportation to Girl Scouts (Carolyn)

By Span 232 student Carolyn Kloecker

I thought I might talk about the transportation I use to get to my Community Based Learning activities. Working with Girl Scout troops, every Monday we first go to the Girl Scout office which is south of campus. This is much too far to walk, but not too bad on a bike. I've biked there once, but usually after being at the office on Mondays for about an hour (4-5pm), we go directly to Shadow Wood to work with the girls in the troop (about 5-6:30pm). This transportation is with other cars or with our coordinator in her car.

When I go in the future, I actually plan to either ask for a ride from another volunteer in the class, or ride a bus to the Girl Scout office. People working with this organization have been great about accomodating me, even if I don't really have access to a car. The bus should be a good option because I think it goes right past the office, and then getting to Shadow Wood will always be by car. It isn't as complicated as it sounds! And the buses are fine, I've used them to get to a lot of places around Champaign-Urbana. For anyone else, check out (I'm sure many of you know about the bus transportation, but just in case)


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