Thursday, March 12, 2009

UI: Brittany Koteles, SPAN 332 Student, on the Front of the Daily Illini

I walked up to the elevators in the Foreign Languages Building after teaching today, glanced at my left, and saw Brittany Koteles looking up at me. Her picture was on the front page of the Daily Illini, stacked in a case by the elevators.

Here's the article. (Sorry, Brittany's picture isn't in the on-line article.)

Brittany has posted here about creating her own major. Service learning is a big component of the major she designed, and "Spanish in the Community" and (hopefully, next spring) "Spanish & Entrepreneurship" are a great fit for her.

At the Public Engagement Symposium on Monday, Brittany presented a poster about her major and was part of a panel about service learning.

Brittany, you're doing a great job of designing a meaningful experience for yourself here at the University of Illinois--and marketing it to others!

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