Monday, March 2, 2009

Student Reflection: Ah, The Power of Cheese

by Megan Knight

This past week at Leal, my fifth graders were learning how to compare and contrast in Spanish. Every day of the week, the teacher brought in different foods for the kids to touch/eat/smell/etc., which I thought was a really neat thing to do. On Wednesday when I was there, the food was cheese and the teacher ended up making all the kids (including me J) quesadillas. There were shredded cheeses, string cheese, and slices of cheese, and the kids had to look at the cheeses, smell them, touch them, and then they could eat them.

It was really neat because I didn’t know how to say half of the descriptive words they were using, like “shredded,” “bitter,” and “string,” and some of the kids didn’t know how to say them either, so it was a learning experience for all of us. That is one of the many perks that come from volunteering for this class: that we get to learn while we help the students learn also. I think the idea of community based learning is so great because everyone gains something from the experience. Every week I look forward to going to Leal more and more.
I asked Megan what words she learned during the lesson. Here's her response:
"Si me acuerdo bien, "bitter" se dice "agrio." Había como cuatro palabras en la pizarra para decir "shredded" como "rayado," "deshebrado," y otras. Y para decir "string cheese" creo que fue "queso para deshebrar" o algo semejante."

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