Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Claudia Quintero Ulloa: Telling Her Own Stories and the Community's

by Ann Abbott
Although my "Spanish in the Community" students have probably never met Claudia Quintero Ulloa (pictured, left), she has played an important role in the course. She worked at Nuevos Horizontes and created the on-line quizzes to accompany the radio programs students listen to for homework.

This year Claudia has taught in our department. I visited her "Spanish Composition" course and was delighted by her energy, organization and rapport with the students.

And just the other day Claudia stopped by my office to talk to me about a writing workshop program she will begin with Latinas in our community. She has bold plans! In her workshop, women can build their writing skills, tell their immigration stories (and others, of course), and learn computer skills at the same time.

So I am not surprised to see now that Claudia herself is a writer. She has an essay in the new book A Narrative Compass. Congratulations, Claudia! Be sure to visit the companion website and read the first page of her essay--it left me curious to read more, and to buy the book.

Here is the note I received from Claudia:

Dear friends and colleagues,

The new book “A Narrative Compass,” in which I’m a contributor, has just been published.

This fine volume is edited by Betsy Hearne and Roberta S. Trites. The University of Illinois Press and the book's editors think that this title would be an excellent text for upper division and graduate classes.

Here is a link to the book's web page:

Also, there is an interactive website. You can access it at where you'll find an intro page, essay samples, scholar photos and bios, an interactive forum called "Your Narrative Compass," an FAQ, and related links.

Your cooperation and support to promote the book among your friends, family, and colleagues are much appreciated.

ll the best,

Claudia Quintero

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  1. I'm So Glad To heard how Claudia is doing on this projects, I send all my congrats to her, keep harvesting successful adventures :)
    Your Friend