Sunday, March 1, 2009

Study on the Importance of Business Spanish

Ana Suárez Vázquez and Ignacio A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2008). “The Importance of Business Spanish for Multinational Companies Which Operate in Hispanic Markets: An Exploratory Study.” The Business Journal of Hispanic Research 2.3, 26-34.

The authors of this study asked training managers from multinational companies that operated in Hispanic markets about their need to have employees trained in business Spanish. The articles makes several points:
  • These businesses feel that business Spanish is important.
  • However, few companies actually invest in training their employees in business Spanish.
  • These companies need employees trained in business Spanish in two areas: external communications with the market and internal communications within the company.

What is the message for my Spanish & Entrepreneurship students?

  • It's important that you invest in learning business Spanish now, while you're at the university (and in my class!). This will be valued by employers of this specific kind of company; it is not something that they will train you later.
  • Most people concentrate on using Spanish for external clients, marketing, etc. However, don't forget that internal communications are important, too. And internal communication often happens through wikis and other Web 2.0 tools that you use for this class.
  • Work on your Spanish! When you write your reflections, check your grammar and look up words. When you're in the community, really listen to how native speakers say things.
  • ¡A trabajar! :)

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