Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Opportunity to Volunteer in Latin America This Summer

by Ann Abbott

After seeing the wonderful posts about our students who traveled to Latin America during Spring Break and volunteered or at least engaged with the culture more fully than a typical tourist, I hope that perhaps some of you are thinking about what you can do this summer. Here are some ideas:

"Here is an opportunity to support the intellectual curiosity of your students at University of Illinois. The Guatemala Summer 2009 program offers a healthy balance between meaningful volunteer work, cultural immersion, the option to study Spanish one-on-one, and the chance to explore the heart of the ancient Mayan world—all this while living with a Guatemalan family. Your students will gain an enriched understanding and appreciation of Latin American society, history, and culture through this cross-cultural exchange.

"We hope you will forward this email to your students to make them aware of this valuable opportunity.Sincerely,

"The Encountour Staff"

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