Monday, April 21, 2008

Spanish Community Service Learning Article in New Issue of MIchigan Journal of Community Service Learning

I was very happy to receive the new issue of the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning in my mailbox today and see the article that Darcy Learn and I wrote about Spanish community service learning. Here is our abstract:

The professional standards int eh field of foreign language pedagogy focus on communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Using those 5 C's as a framework, the authors examine student success at satisfying those disciplinary standards through community service learning (CSL). Data is used to present a qualitative case study. This case concentrates on the standards for foreign language learning, but the results hold meaning for CSL instructors of all disciplines, suggesting ways in which CSL can help students achieve the national standards of other disciplines and highlighting the fact that all CSL facilitates student learning about these 5 C's.

As always, it was wonderful to work with Darcy on this project. Many thanks to Jeffrey Howard, MJCSL's editor, and our reviewers.

In the coming days I will post comments on the other articles that appear in this number of the journal.

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  1. Congratulations Ann

    I´d love to have a copy to read sometime after classes are finished.

    I requested this class again for Fall