Monday, April 21, 2008

Liz: A Woman's Place Needs Spanish Community Service Learning Students

Today I went over to A Women’s Fund for orientation. Everyone there was very welcoming and glad to have the help. The building is well organized and I am so happy that we have such a great program to support the women and children of our community! They do need help communicating with the Latino population though. When they get a new client, A Women’s Fund usually has them go over a packet full of information and documents they need to sign. It would be such a help to them if we could translate these documents into Spanish. There are so many services that the program offers, but because of communication problems they often cannot give the Latina women all the support they need. New clients are required to watch an orientation video, which they have had problems with because most Spanish speaking clients cannot understand it. They would like us to translate into Spanish for them and make a new video. I am going to try and help them as much as I possibly can before I go away for the summer. They really need our help, so if anyone is available to come in over the summer it would be a huge help! Even if you can only help for the last few weeks of school it would help so much! Please let me know if you would like to volunteer. I hope that we are able to keep in contact with them and continue to help them out. A Women’s Fund is a great candidate to be a community partner for Spanish 232 and I hope that it works out. If anyone else has ever been there and has any suggestions I would love to hear about it!

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