Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chris: His Spanish Community Service Learning Work Chris Helps Lessen Stress for Client

I recently had to complete an accident report for a woman at the Refugee Center. This is the intersection at which the crash took place. The person who I was helping was traveling North on Lincoln avenue (right on the picture) and she was stopped because a car in front of her was waiting to make a left turn. While stopped, a car rear-ended her and caused a great deal of damage to both of their cars. Luckily, both people were okay but this woman now has to deal with a lot of paperwork and other things in addition to her job and taking care of her family. I was glad to fill out the accident report and I was able to improve my Spanish by serving as a translator. It was actually kind of hard to translate this sort of project because it involves a lot of directional terms, like ‘forward’, ‘across’, etc., which are kind of hard to understand.-Chris

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