Thursday, April 24, 2008

Liz: Dancing in Champaign-Urbana Community and Ecuador

I went to the Salsa night last night at the Canopy Club! The music was really up beat and interesting and they taught us some new steps that I didn’t know before. I remember how important dancing was when I was in Ecuador. It seemed like almost everyone knew the basics of salsa, merengue and bachata. I remember when we went to visit indigenous people they would always teach us a traditional dance from their pueblo. The picture here is of me trying (and failing) to dance to one of their traditional songs. When I came back to the States, I really noticed how little we dance here. If you really want to connect with the Latino community in Champaign-Urbana in a more casual setting that with the community partners, a great idea would be to take some dance classes and head out to Radio Maria. They play salsa music on the weekends and I’ve heard it’s very fun and energetic. I know there are lots of Latinos that go there, so I’m sure it would be great way to practice and to get to know native speakers of Spanish. Plus they have great tapas! I went there for lunch and the food was unique and tasty. I’m also interested to see what the kids I work with at Central listen to. I know some of them like to listen to music from the US, but I’d be interested to see what they think of Spanish bands. They could probably teach us a few steps too!

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