Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Community Service Learning in Other Disciplines

Pattsi Petrie is in the service learning reading group that I attend and that Valeri Werpetinski organizes on the UIUC campus. She sent along a message this morning about a service learning conference that looks very interesting. Click here to see more about it.

Erasing Boundaries—Supporting Communities
A Symposium on Interdisciplinary Service-Learning in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
Location: Shepard Hall, The City College of New York
Date: April 4 and 5th 2008

It is very interesting to see how community service learning fits within other disciplines and is deployed in their teaching and professional practice.

It is also very interesting to see where disparate disciplines intersect. There is a session focusing on work at Monteverde in Costa Rica, a project that I blogged about earlier. Stacy Harwood is a UIUC faculty member and community service learning practitioner. The session title and participants are:

“Sustainable Futures:” Placemaking in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Lynda Schneekloth, Urban Design Project, University at Buffalo and Scott Shannon, SUNY, College of Environmental Design & Forestry with Stacy Harwood, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Illinois, David Myers, Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland, Robert Shibley, Urban Design Project, University at Buffalo

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