Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chris: Currently in-demand Services at the Refugee Center; how Spanish Community Service Learning Students Can & Cannot Help

The Refugee Center has been extremely busy lately. There have been a lot of court sentences handed down; the workers at the center are trying to find legal counsel and explain court procedures to many immigrants. There have also been a lot of problems with “Kidcare”, a health insurance program for children. But the majority of visitors at the Refugee Center have come with questions about their taxes. April is approaching fast and these citizens want to make sure that they have everything sorted out before the end of March. I can help immigrants with their taxes in a limited fashion. Sometimes they have signed on the wrong line or made other paperwork mistakes, and in these cases I can help them correct their errors. But if they have a detailed question about naming dependents or other matters, I must defer them to more knowledgeable workers at the center. Some of the workers at the center are practically experts at filing taxes and other forms for the IRS, so I am confident that the immigrants are getting good help. The center will even file an immigrant’s taxes in their entirety for a small fee.


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