Monday, March 3, 2008

Chris: Spanish Community Service Learning Personalizes Immigration Issues in the News

There seems to be a lot of news lately about illegal immigration.

A week ago, the police raided a Minuteman’s home and found ropes, knives, and guns that he apparently used to intimidate immigrants.

Congress also passed a law allowing for the creation of a 28 mile high-tech fence along the Arizona border. The law was passed last week and they will start building the fence as soon as possible.

While I realize why some people might be terrified of undocumented immigrants, this kind of news still makes me grimace. How can US citizens hate immigrants so much that they assault them, kidnap them, and abandon them on the other side of the border?

I have not talked to anybody at the Refugee Center about crossing the border, but I am sure that many of them have. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that some of these nice people might have been hunted by so-called “Minutemen” on their way to America. I also admire the courage of those who have crossed the border- not only does the walk take two or three days in the blistering sun, but now there are US citizens patrolling the area like vigilantes with weapons.Reading this news about the US-Mexican border makes one realize how extraordinarily strong and brave some of these immigrants are.


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