Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chris: New Raffle at the Refugee Center

Things were kind of quiet this week at the Refugee Center. Most of the people have their tax forms completed and ready to be mailed. The raffle for the cordless iron and toaster oven was held last week. All in all, the raffle was a huge success and it raised a good amount of money for the Refugee Center. I believe that the raffle funds are being used to pay for utilities like phone lines and the internet. Because the first raffle was such a success, the center is having another one. This time the prizes are a George Foreman grill and a set of kitchen knives. Tickets are only $1 this time and I am sure that they will sell like hotcakes. I am glad that these small fund-raisers are so successful and I look forward to selling lots of tickets in my downtime.

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