Thursday, November 6, 2008

Visit to la Biblioteca!

By Claire Pescheret

This past Tuesday, my pre-k class and I ventured to the library! This was sure a treat for these young ones. We listened to two stories read by the librarian, and then the students had to opportunity to choose a book to check out. The stories we all heard were the classics by Eric Carle, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Will You Be My Friend?”

Story time was adapted to these semi-bilingual children by the librarian. The librarian was clearly not bilingual, so the story was not completely translated for the students. He did make his best effort, though, to know and translate the major vocabulary of the texts. He also composed a sort of rhyming song as well that helped the children understand the concept of writing, illustrating, and finally reading a book. Those librarians are so creative!! I believe, though, that his creativity was directed in some respects. Many of the things the librarian was attempting to teach these pre-k students was accompanied by motions. This, I would assume, is to help the children attain a greater grasp on what he is attempting to teach them. Young children are very active and learn a lot by doing and seeing; therefore, I foresee this to be a successful teaching tactic.

Following the stories, the students were allowed to choose their own book to check out and take home. Numerous stories, in English and Spanish, were laid out on tables. The children perused their options before making this major decision. In the end, three of the students chose Clifford books, one little girl chose the book with the most pink on it, and another boy chose a classic “Stellaluna.” The language did not matter to these children, for they cannot read.
I loved the fact that Tuesday’s journey gave me a peek into my past through the wonderful world of reading. I hope my pre-k students enjoy their books!!

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