Thursday, November 6, 2008

Successful Community-Campus Summit 2

Many thanks to our great panelists who made our Community-Campus Summit 2 such a success. From left to right in the picture: Barbara Linder (Urbana Schools), Alejandro Molina (Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Chicago) and Omar Duque (Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Chicago) and Ann Abbott (event host).

The first hour of the Summit was dedicated to the panel. Each panelist had unique insights and represented unique communities, so that led to a special richness. And despite their different experiences, they coincided in many of their statements and approaches.

The second hour was dedicated to small-group discussions and networking. Panelists and other community organization representatives sat together with university faculty and staff in order to continue the dialogue about issues presented during the panel. The discussion was guided with specific questions, but as I circulated throughout the room and listened in I could tell that the conversations took those questions to other levels.
It was a beautiful fall day, the day after our presidential elections, and an all-together perfect day to share ideas and resources.

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  1. Hi Ann

    I am glad everything turned out great after so much work! I was hoping to attend to check, but deadlines for job applications are killing me now