Friday, November 14, 2008

Claire: The Fabulous Teachers of BTW

By Claire Pescheret

The teachers that work at Booker T. Washington Elementary are a unique group of individuals. I have had the great opportunity of working with a few different teachers through my volunteer work, and they all have greatly impressed me. Most of the teachers I have encountered are bilingual, which is a great feat. Additionally, there are so many extra teachers that come in and out of the classroom throughout the day to specifically help kids who are struggling with English. I see this as a specialized skill, but these teachers understand that being bilingual in the community of Champaign-Urbana is almost a job requirement.

There are so many students that filter through this school district that speak Spanish. If these teachers were not bilingually specialized, the Spanish speaking students of this school district would not be able to learn. Even an attempt at trying to learn things in a different language, I believe would prove to be so frustrating for these students. Spanish speaking students should not feel hindered by their language, especially if they are registered citizens and are paying for the service of the school. Therefore, the teachers of this district may be seen as lifesavers for these children.

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