Wednesday, November 12, 2008

UIUC Launches Translation Certificate

Translation and Spanish community-based learning hold a vexed relationship for me. Many of our community partners have urgent needs for their materials to be translated. However, most of our students aren't trained in translation and don't have the language proficiency to always accurately translate.

Here's something that can help: UIUC's Center for Translation Studies.

The Director of the Center, Prof. Elizbeth Lowe, and I will be meeting very soon to discuss how Spanish & Illinois can collaborate with the Center for Translation Studies. I hope that I can bring my community partners' translation needs to the Center's students for class projects. Doing quality control checks on students' translations is too burdensome for Spanish CBL TAs and instructors, who are usually not professionally trained in translation themeselves. I hope we can find synergies between our two programs.


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