Sunday, November 16, 2008

$30,000 Prize for U of I Student Innovators

Graduate and undergraduate students alike should take a look at the following message I just received. Please forward this information to all the U of I students you know; we have many creative students in Spanish and Liberal Arts & Sciences in general. It would be great to see someone from our corner of campus apply!

Dear Colleagues:
The College of Engineering has announced the third annual Lemelson Prize call for entries, and there is still time for students to submit. I wish to emphasize once again that the Lemelson Prize is not intended exclusively for students in STEM-related coursework (science, technology, math and engineering), nor is it a "business plan" competition. The prize is awarded to students who have demonstrated remarkable creativity, innovation and/or inventiveness. The Lemelson Foundation, which funds the prize each year, is seeking to recognize students from all disciplines. As all of you are engaged in some of the most creative and innovative work in your respective fields, I wanted to bring this competition to your attention, and ask that you announce it in your classes, or forward it on to any students whom you think might be good prospects.

Please note that the prize is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and the entry procedure is quite minimal. Students are required to complete an entry form, and provide two letters of support.

Click here for more information. Additionally, Technology Entrepreneur Center Assistant Director Rhiannon Clifton has been appearing on local access channel UI7 promoting the event.

Thank you all for your support.

Laura L. Hollis, JD
Laura L. Hollis, JD
Clinical Professor of Business Administration,
College of Business
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
and Technology Entrepreneur Center,
College of Engineering
(217) 244-9550 (Engineering)
(217) 265-6722 (Business)

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