Monday, November 3, 2008

Panelists at Community-Campus Summit 2

I am very excited about the panelists that we have for the second Community-Campus Summit. The diversity of their positions and the communities in which they work will lead to a very rich panel presentation and follow-up discussions.

From the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:
Omar Duque, President and CEO, and Roberto Cornelio, Chief Operating Officer, can give us their insights into Chicago business communities, Latino communities and at the same time talk to us about how a very successful not-for-profit can function. Given the current economic crisis--and its effects on everyone, including Latino business owners as well as employees--it will be interesting to hear Omar and Roberto speak about entrepreneurship, education and innovation.

From the Puerto Rican Cultural Center:
Alejandro Molina, Community Library and Information Center, will also be able to share his perspective on the Chicago Latino communities, not-for-profit cultural centers and community information centers. Alejandro has worked with University of Illinois Prof. Ann Bishop with the
Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Community Informatics Initiative. Given his previous work with community-campus connections, he can answer our questions about how students and faculty can best interact with campus entities to enhance student learning and benefit community partners.

From Urbana Middle School:
Barbara Linder,
Mentoring Coordinator, will provide a local perspective. From working with many University of Illinois students in the Urbana schools, Barbara can tell us about the schools' needs and assets. That in turn, can help us as faculty and staff better understand how to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with local schools.

I hope to see you at the Summit! (See post below for details.)

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